Stepping into the coding world

This is my family. My oldest son is going to be 3 years old and my youngest just turned 5 months old. They are my everything, so when i was asked to write a blog (which i have never done) about why I decided to start studying software engineering, only thing that I could think about was my family and our future. But when I thought deeper on the question, I came to the conclusion that it was more than that.

Going back about 3 and a half years I started working for a small local electrical company. To be honest it was an amazing place to work and I was really enjoying it. I passed my RW test last November and became the proud holder of an electrical license. I was given a company van and was starting to run some projects on my own, and soon felt as though I found my life long career. Everything was great at first, but(there always has to be a but, right?) the constant crawling around in attics or crawlspace was starting to get to me, and the joy of what I was doing slowly started fading. Having to get up at 5 am everyday wasn't helping either. I started looking around and talking to family about changing careers and found the most support for this decision from my parents.

A little bit about my family background. My parents immigrated from Ukraine when I was a year old. They had to work really hard to give my 3 siblings and myself a better life than what they had in the old country. Growing up my parents would always tell us how fortunate we are to live in the United States. A land different from where they grew up being persecuted for their faith and being denied the ability to attend colleges or pursue great careers.

Fast forward to now to where I now have my own family and kids, I’m just reminded of how blessed I am to be where I am. The answer to why I decided to attend the software engineering bootcamp at Flatirons is simple. It is because we live in a time of opportunity where a person can freely change careers and pursue new things to better shape one’s future, but most importantly it is for my family.